Being a mother of 2, my efforts to making Halloween a magical experience is my #1 priority. Here are 7 Halloween Money Saving Tips for families on a budget or extremely frugal shoppers.

  1. Use this year’s Easter Baskets as Halloween Buckets-Buying a bucket for $5 just to collect candy in, is ABSURD. There are several items around your home that can be a great substitute for treat-or-treat buckets. I have opted to use the children’s Easter baskets. They are serving the same purpose and all children want is a container to collect candy. Another thrifty alternative is to use re-useable shopping bags.
  2. Think Outside The Candy Box– Yes, all kids love candy, but a nice little trinket would also make them smile. Purchasing candy in preparation for halloween can be rather expensive, so opting for a bag spider rings, sticker rolls, or a snack will be a more cost effective alternative to just giving away candy. 😊
  3. Inexpensive Costume Options-First try to put together a costume at home from clothing you already own. Buying a mask or head gear and pairing with a solid color ensemble is a great alternative to buying a full-priced costume.
  4. Halloween Shop at the Dollar Tree-Dollar Tree has awesome finds for only $1. Shop Dollar Tree for Halloween decorations, costume accessories for girls and boys, and candy option alternatives.
  5. Shop for costumes at Kid Consignment Stores-Kid Consignment stores have great affordable costume options for below retail pricing.
  6. Watch for Halloween Promos from Retailers– Several retailers will run promos for the holidays. Buy One Get One, a High percentage off a purchase or item (40% or More), and offer in-store discount and coupons. My personal favorites are Target, Michaels, and Jo-Anns. Target’s Cartwheel app offers great discounts on seasonal items along with Michael’s and Jo-ann’s 40% coupons offers.
  7. Shop Halloween Clearance-After the holiday has passed, retailers will markdown seasonal clearance from 50%, 70%, to 90%. So this is a great time to stock-up on decor and costumes for the following year. It can save you so much money in the long run.