I have a LOW-KEY OBSESSION with shopping clearance. I have blown my budget many times by just taking a stroll down clearance lane.
Recently many retailers (including Walmart) have jumped on the clearance band wagon, by discounting items to unbelievable low pricing.

I shop clearance for many reasons:

  1. It saves so much money, in the long run. How can you pass on items that are almost 70%-90% off.
  2. Pre-shopping, saves so much time. I will purchase items before I actually need them.
  3. It helps me be a blessing to others. Sometimes being able to purchase items for pennies, I am able to gift people with heart felt gifts to brighten their day.

So let’s just say that I do buy alot of things, I actually don’t need. Here are some of my Walmart Clearance Finds.

Comment and let me know, if you are a clearance shopper?