I am on the journey to paying off my consumer debt before the projected “expiration date”. There are days that I feel very inspired and so happy to start my “debt-free” journey, and then there are days that are a little discouraging. I follow some great inspirational ladies in the debt-free community like  Kim Galeta, Ellie MondelliFrom Pennies to Pounds, and Nerds Guide to Wellness, Pennies to Wealth (just to name a few) while they motivate me to see financial freedom, their effort are amazing but while being a single mother of two, it can be daunting at times.

Mind you, this is not a “woe as me” post, but I want to gives parents doing this beautiful adventure on their own, a little inspiration and realness. Being a single parent is a Very Hard Job and sometimes you are the “forgotten soldiers“. Having one income makes financial opportunities more of a juggling game. But with will, determination, and the universe, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I want to offer some tips for the “Single Mothers and Fathers”, that your end might take a few moments longer, but if you want it bad enough, YOU WILL ACHIEVE.
  1. Stop “comparing” your situation to anyone else– It is a vicious beast, that rears its ugly head. “Comparison”, it will make you account for all the things that are not great in your life, because of what someone has posted on social media. Being two payments away from paying off $100k in debt, is monumental, but that’s not your REALITY. Stop the comparison. Their situation is completely different from yours and you need to remember that. Only focus on what lies ahead for you, and no one else.
  2. Celebrate your small victories– Yes, you cannot save an entire paycheck because you are a party of one, but the $30 you placed on your principal payment, is just as good. Celebrate yourself, no matter how “small” the victory.
  3. Use your resources to make more Money for your goals– If you are able pick up a “side hustle” by all means, do so. Every little can help towards your goals. Having 2 little ones under 3, has made it a little difficult to pick up the side hustles, but I am starting Practically Save, to help change our lives. Whatever you can do, JUST DO IT. NO EXCUSES.
  4. Ask the Universe for “What You Want”– I am a strong believer in the “Law of Attraction”. You get what you put out. Speak, Write, and Envision what you see for your life, and it will come. I have made some goals for my finances and debt. I will manifest, what I want. Get to Asking.